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Founder - Cheri Kuhn

Why The Perfect Planner?

Simple. Cheri Kuhn, creator of the Perfect Planner, couldn’t find what she needed in the market, so she decided to design her own. 

Cheri is a Professional EOS® Implementer who successfully ran a multi-million dollar company on EOS for many years prior. EOS stands for the Entrepreneurial Operating System. It is the brainchild of Gino Wickman and is the BEST way to run any business of any size! Gino built a set of practical tools based on decades of his own experiences working with Entrepreneurial leaders and research from business and leadership gurus Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni, Dan Sullivan and others. If you have a desire to run your business better (more accountability, more clarity, more prosperity and more fun), please check out the book Traction by Gino Wickman. If you are ready to run your life better, please read on!

A few years ago, Cheri began applying many of the practices she was using as CEO to get a grip on her personal life. The quest was to set better goals, and more importantly, accomplish those goals. The process began by reverse engineering the vision of her future self, bringing that vision down to the ground and crystallizing those goals for the year. Along the way, she’s uncovered many other tools and habits throughout this journey of growth and development as a leader and entrepreneur that have been paramount to her success and productivity. Many of these very tools and habits are incorporated into the Perfect Planner.

More about the creator of the Perfect Planner™, Cheri Kuhn.

The success of the Perfect Planner owes many thanks to these amazing leaders:

Cal Newport (Deep Work)
Stephen Covey (7 Habits of Highly Successful People)
Dave Ramsey (Entreleadership)
Seth Godin (Linchpin)
Patrick Lencioni (5 Dysfunctions of a Team)
Gino Wickman (Traction)