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The Perfect Planner™ Story

Creator of The Perfect Planner™, Cheri Kuhn, searched high and low for a tool that would help her set better goals, and (more importantly) actually accomplish them. As an EOS Implementer® and entrepreneur, it was important to her to find the most efficient tools for boosting her productivity and motivation while working within the operating system she loves most. She couldn’t find exactly what she was looking for - so she created it herself.

The Perfect Planner is a result of reverse engineering the goals Cheri wanted to achieve. She identified the vision she had for her future self, brought it to eye level and crystallized her plan into bite-sized goals she could achieve over the course of the following year.

While she worked toward her final destination piece by piece, she uncovered helpful tools and developed valuable habits along the way. These new approaches and ways of thinking led to unexpected growth and development as both a leader and entrepreneur. These experiences were paramount to her success and productivity. You’ll find those very tools and habits in your own Perfect Planner!

Inspiration For The Perfect Planner™ System

Cheri is the former CEO of a multi-million dollar company that ran on the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS®). After many years in that position, she discovered a passion for EOS and decided to make the switch to her current Implementer role, and she hasn’t looked back since.

EOS is the brainchild of Gino Wickman and is the BEST way to run a business of any size. Wickman built a set of practical tools based on decades of his own research and experiences working with entrepreneurial leaders. Just some of the leadership gurus he studied as inspiration for the operating system were Jim Collins, Patrick Lencioni and Dan Sullivan.

If you want to run your business better (with more accountability, more clarity, more prosperity and more FUN), we highly recommend reading Traction by Gino Wickman.