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Win the morning and the rest will follow!

Posted by Cheri Kuhn on
Win the morning and the rest will follow!

When it comes to mornings, we can typically be thrown into two categories: love them and not-so-much. Mornings have an interesting way of presenting themselves when our day officially begins. Our best laid plans (thoughtfully laid out in our Perfect Planner) are often hijacked by our boss, an emergency at home or work - the list goes on and on. So, what can we do to get our day started on the right foot?

There is no one right way to do this as we each need to find our own path, but let’s take a peek at Perfect Planner founder Cheri Kuhn’s morning routine and walk through why this works for her.

It all starts at 5:00 am:

  1. drink a full glass of water
  2. make coffee
  3. stretch and loosen up
  4. read news briefs
  5. Darren Daily
  6. read for 30 minutes
  7. meditate for 15 minutes
  8. physical activity
  9. Deep Work priority #1 (60–90 minutes)

Why so early? Starting your morning routine before everyone else allows us to take total control of that time. A controlled morning routine will build a habit over time that allows our brain to save its limited decision-making power for the day ahead.

Your task, should you choose to accept it, is to write down what your morning routine will look like, then put it into practice. When you start winning your mornings, you'll soon find you're winning the rest of the day!

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