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Quarterly Review & Preview

Posted by Cheri Kuhn on
Quarterly Review & Preview
Hello Doers & Achievers!

The Perfect Planner™ creates a 90-day world for the user; which is perfect because as humans we tend to fray about every 90 days. It is human nature to do so, and sheer willpower is not enough to circumvent our natural inclinations - at least not for long. Instead, we need to create systems that don’t rely on willpower.

Every 90 days in your Perfect Planner you get a chance to reset. Review how you did the previous 90 days and set your priorities for the following 90 days. When Cheri discovered the power of this in her own company after implementing EOS® (Entrepreneurial Operating System), she set about to bring that into her personal life. That process was a resounding success! The seeds for creating the Perfect Planner were planted. And now each of you has an opportunity to set and achieve amazing goals.

When you reach the end of the quarter, there is a Quarterly Review page that allows you to track your Rock (90 day priority) completion rate as a percentage. We then ask you to reflect on the quarter. What worked? What didn’t work? Followed by additional questions designed to help you work better and smarter the next quarter. We also ask you to review your personal mission statement (core values) to ensure those stay top of mind and that you are living a life that is true to you. We wrap up the review with a letter grade for the quarter.

We encourage our Doers & Achievers to do their Quarterly Review and new Quarterly Rocks in one sitting. This allows the lessons learned from the previous quarter to be fresh in your mind when setting your Rocks for the coming quarter. Look back at your goals for the year. What still needs to be done to make those happen? What are the MOST IMPORTANT priorities for the next 90 days? Brainstorm some ideas and then choose the top 3-7 (less is more) priorities for this quarter.

Lather, rinse, repeat every 90 days.

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