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3 Tips to Building a Healthy Trust Account

Posted by Cheri Kuhn on
3 Tips to Building a Healthy Trust Account
When you boil it down, trust is the foundation to success in any initiative or relationship at work or at home. Without it, it is difficult to have meaningful conversations which can then lead to commitment, accountability and ultimately positive change in most any situation. Relationships that are low on trust can still function, but it takes a great deal of effort and is emotionally exhausting. The key here is being patient and mindful.

Building trust, no matter the situation, doesn’t happen overnight - it must be earned. You cannot cultivate trust without first being trustworthy. The old “just trust me” approach just isn’t what we’re talking about here. In order to build our “trust account” with others, there are a few things to keep in mind.

3 tips to building your trust account:
  1. Be patient and disciplined when growing your trust accounts. Your time and wisdom can be a great gift. The key here is to not expect anything in return. That’s not how trust works.

  2. Take a genuine interest in the people around you to better understand their hopes, concerns and aspirations. When was the last time you actually listened to what someone was saying? This sounds silly, but active listening allows you to see beyond yourself.

  3. Be quick to apologize when you overreact or engage in behavior that diminishes your trust account. We’re not perfect and letting people know you understand this will go a long way!
Keeping these three simple tips in mind as you embark on your trust journey will start to create small, incremental improvements in your relationships at work and at home. Pay attention, it might surprise how powerful these changes can be.

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